Scraps of Thought

Markus Rathbone
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Markus Rathbone's lived on the city streets for a while, and everyone that knows him just calls him Rat. It's not a cruel nickname, or it's not meant as one. He's a familiar site in certain parts of town, often in an out of the way corner playing his guitar, with a hat out. Rat's tried to get work, but it seems like all the jobs in this city are already taken and he's meant to just be slotted into the role of street bum.
Having this much free time lets Rat get to thinking, and he notices things other people don't want to. He notices the city changes overnight in ways that can't be reasonably explained, and he can never seem to get a job unloading trucks even though the city seems to get a lot of things trucked in. He's never even seen the trucks, and it makes him wonder.

Rat knows the city isn't what it seems, but he has no idea that there's people who do know exactly what's going on, because they're the ones running things.

Rat is an OC, created for the dark__city. Any resemblance to an actual person is because all the icons are based off photos from Corbis.com and are copyright to them and all that stuff. There's only so many characters I can draw stuff for.